Model List for 2022 calendars announced!

Model List for the 2022 Calendars!

This was a tough one, I worked with so, so many talented and gorgeous models all year long that it was tough to choose 12 people to include here.  In the end I let the photos speak to Me and chose 12 of My favorites, and then narrowed it down that way.

The model list goes as follows: (click the links and get to know these babes)

January: Isabel

February: Duchess Jealoquin

March: Fox the Fascist Slayer

April: NSFW version: Tommie Gunn, SFW version: LisaBella

May: Kitten Dabstar

June: Ryren SInn

July: Brook Rain

August: Miss Wendy Michelle

September: Sunny Cheex

October: The Lady Katrina

November: Andrea at peace

December: is a group shoot photo and stills from “Coven of Compassion” a short film I made this year:

watch “Coven of Compassion” full film here

Orders for both of these calendars are LIVE, they are currently being printed and will be shipped out first week of Dec. Find everything here:

In addition to those two calendars which both contain model and part of the VendettaVerse; Sunny Cheex, Bella Vendetta has also announced TWO new projects involving Sunny and only Sunny!

A new 2022 calendar featuring JUST Sunny Cheex each month!  Some of the best work the two have done together this year!

AND back by popular demand, a limited edition Sunny Cheex photography book.  A selection of all the best shots from all the best shoots that Bella vendetta and Sunny Cheex collabed on in 2021.

Pre orders for these two items are live now, but they have not been printed.

There is a  NOT SFW version, and a SFW version which is lingerie/implied.

In most cases It is an alternating shot of the same model from the same shoot but with…less clothing.

In the case of Feb, model Tommie Gunn appears in the NSFW version and model LisaBella appears in the SFW version

Find more here info here:

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