Welcome to October!

It’s here! My very favorite season! Halloween time! I have STOCKED UP the site with so much amazing seasonal content…we got something new coming out every single day in october! Yes. new content every.single.day. 31 days of Halloween over here! Be excited.

I’ve already started it off this week with some Witch Selfies, and these gorgeous fine art nude photos of Revenge Krew model, Kitten Dabstar. Her full profile is coming soon and you should be expecting to see ALOT more of her on the site. She has a new video coming out here next week and even more stuff coming out for Christmas! Be excited!

It’s a GREAT time to join Vendettaverse.com!

I have multiple tiers you can choose from. Join at any level, consider the “print of the month club” and this month you’ll receive a gorgeous full color print, as well as a handwritten thank you note from Me! This month I will also be sending along some really beautiful limited edition greeting cards made with an image form this photoset of Kitten!

Join here https://secure.verotel.com/startorder?shopID=121654&x=145&y=80

Bella Vendetta, owner and operator of VendettaVerse.com and the brains behind Beautiful Revenge Productions AND TreasureCams.com

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