Sunny Cheex updates in November.

by now I hope you all have gotten used to Sunny sunday’s. Each sunday I release a new photoset or video of model Sunny Cheex. She is a big part of the VendettaVerse!

I have some truly beautiful content starring Sunny Cheex this month.

One time we went to shoot together and we thought we were just going to take a quick jaunt into the woods.

But, Me being Me…I kept saying, let’s just go a little further, let’s see what’s over here, let’s see what’s over there, let’s see what’s over this ridge!

Now, lo and behold, when we got over a hill we came upon this incredible, beautiful space! Jaw dropping in person and even the pics and video couldn’t capture the epicness. I had been dragging this bloody heavy, woodenn antique mirror with Me all over the mountainside. And of course I HAD to get these shots on the side of this sheer mountainside, and I almost fell several times carrying that mirror up there. I remember being really, really tired when we got home. Looking back on the sets, it was 100% worth it.

So this month, I am releasing TWO photosets of Sunny shot at this location. One of her posing in this sweet fall fashion set in a sweater with pink lingerie underneath. And another set of her in some dark green lacy lingerie, and out of the lingerie, straddling over the mirror so you can see her from ALL angles!

As if those two gifts of nude photo art were not enough, we are also releasing the FULL video of “Mirror Mountain” that she shot right at Golden Hour at the end of this magical hiking day.

“Mirror Mountain” starring Sunny Cheex

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That’s not all: Sunny and I are also getting together later this month to shoot a BRAND NEW photoset for Thanksgiving! Spoiler alert: It involves pie, alot of pie.

Are you interested in booking Sunny for a custom video that I shoot and produce? we make an awesome team. Got an idea you want to see come to life? Start by subscribing to the site so you can see what we got, and then send a polite message to: and let us know your idea!

One more surprise Sunny set and video coming later this month! Stay tuned!

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