2022 Calendar & book pre-orders are LIVE!

due to popular demand, I am releasing another 2022 calendar of My photography. Last year I got some feedback that alot of people wanted it but due to it being nude they had nowhere they could really hang it. So, I toyed with the idea of doing a safe for work/implied nude/lingerie sort of one and folks seemed excited about that. Then I decided fuck it, I am making BOTH!

SO, preorders are now LIVE for My 2022 photography calendaar!

The non nude SFW version:

model: Fox the Fascist Slayer photographed by Bella Vendetta

link to purchase: https://bellavendettafineart.bigcartel.com/product/2022-sfw-photography-calendar

the NOT safe for work version, featuring nudity! below:

model Isabel photographed by Bella Vendetta

link to purchase NSFW nude version: https://bellavendettafineart.bigcartel.com/product/2022-nsfw-photography-calendar-pre-order

And I didn’t stop there! Due to much demand, Model Sunny Cheex and I decided to collab on some more end of the year projects.

We made a calendar that is ALL photos of Sunny! All Sunny each month for the truly Sunny obsessed. (how could you not be) I chose 12 of My favorite photos that represented the seasons and we made a full color glossy calendar, and you can check THAT out here: https://bellavendettafineart.bigcartel.com/product/12-sunny-months-2022-calendar-featuring-sunny-cheex

And we didn’t stop there. We shoot together SO much, we have a standing appointment to shoot once per month through the entire year, and we often end up doing random unplanned shoots through the months as well. She is My favorite person to work with and we create so much awesome stuff together. last year we put out a book of our accumulated work together from 2020, you can find that for sale in My shop here (there are ONLY 2 copies left!) https://bellavendettafineart.bigcartel.com/product/sunny-side-of-the-mountain

Well, this year we put together another book. I feel My photography has gotten alot better this past year and I am really proud of what we created. Book pre orders are live here: https://bellavendettafineart.bigcartel.com/product/it-s-always-sunny-preorder

Sunny Cheex photographed by Bella Vendetta, book preorders live now!

I thank everyone for all the support, shares, likes, Retweets, reviews, orders and kindness! I would not be able to make this art without you, and I am so happy I can give you a chance to take a piece of it home and off the computer screen.

I get alot of feels when I hold printed material in My hands and the photos are all super high res and beautifully printed on high quality paper. The calendars are high enough quality that you can frame them as prints after!

Speaking of Sunny….it happens to be Sunny Sunday!

Did you know I have so much awesome work with Sunny that I release a new photoset or video every single week? Well, I do! This week we have a new video from Sunny, you can check out the trailer and teasers for it here:

JOIN TODAY! Subscribers who order a book or calendar will receive a FREE print with their order as well. And subscribers who join at the print of the month level will be getting a bonus Sunny print treat in the mail for the holidays!

Bella Vendetta, owner and operator of VendettaVerse.com and the brains behind Beautiful Revenge Productions AND TreasureCams.com

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