Got a fantasy or specific idea you’d love to see Me film?

A particular outfit, color, hairstyle or look you’d love to see on Me?

I am open to many ideas, have high quality HD cameras, access to editors, music and after effects. I have TONS and tons of costuming from corsets to gloves, multiple types of shoes,wigs and so much more. If I don’t have what you are looking for I can always buy it with your funding and add it to My collection.

I have done customs based on specific nail shapes and styles, motivational customs where I encourage you, humiliation customs where I berate you and so, so much more.

Maybe your idea is a but more involved and includes a script or co stars.

Read some more about My favorite role play scenarios, and scheduling a custom cam show or custom video here:

Please tell Me what’s on your mind and let’s see if it’s an idea that meshes with Me.


to tell Me about your custom request. Please include as much info as possible including wardrobe requests or scripts etc.

Custom fees begin at $100 for simple requests and move upward from there. Customs must be negotiated and paid for before filming begins. Turnaround times are 7-14 days and will be sent in a downloadable file via email unless we have worked out another arrangement.

I reserve the right to resell custom videos on this site and other platforms. Exclusivity is possible, where the video is available to you and only you, for a higher price of course.


Many of the models on this site are available for custom video requests with advance notice. Maybe you want to see the two of us together, maybe you have a great idea for one of the Revenge Krew models that I can film and make come to life for you.

Models easily available for customs:

Brook Rain, Sunny Cheex, The Lady Katrina, Ryren Sinn, Andrea at Peace, Theda Foxxx, Kitten DabStar, Duchess Jealoquin

with planning in advance: Morgan Fey

Is there a model NOT on this site that you think belongs here? Got a favorite New England or East Coast based model you think I should work with? Sponsor a shoot, beginning at $250

Some examples of custom videos I have made in the past:

*I will not entertain any custom requests that include racist, homophobic, illegal, harmful or otherwise icky content that goes against My beliefs.