Coven of Compassion

well Happy All Saints Day!

And welcome to November!

I am thrilled to share My latest short film with you all:

Coven of Compassion.

Shot on a very special day, at a very special place, with a very special group of artists. One of the models described this day as an “art hug” and I could not agree more. I am releasing the full video for FREE for you here! Please enjoy our collaborative efforts.

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Best watched in full screen!

NEWS! July 2022

I am proud to announce Coven of Compassion has been chosen as an official selection for the 2022 Failed Films Festival!

“Coven of Compassion” by Bella Vendetta, edited by Brook Rain

“Coven of Compassion”

a short film by Bella Vendetta

produced by Beautiful Revenge Productions


Duchess Jealoquin

Sunny Cheex

Andrea at Peace

Kitten Dabstar

Tommie Gun

Miss T

Ryren Sinn

and Ronnie

edited by Brook Rain.

Stills by CSJ Photography

music is : “As our Offerings Rise to the Heavens” by Jenn Taiga

Location is Three Sisters Sanctuary:

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