Happy Halloween! Freddy Vs. Jason Burlesque photos for FREE!

Happy Halloween yall! My favorite holiday and yet here I am so laid back. In a bathrobe! I’m not even dressed up! That’s ok, because as you may have caught on My twitter; twitter.com/BellaVendetta I had an emergency dental surgery a few days ago so I am home healing and resting. I can’t be out partying, and can’t even eat My favorite Halloween candies! I am so mad! I DID sit here for the last several hours and que updates for the site through the first part of November. I have a new short film that’s dropping tomorrow that I am super stoked about! And SO much cool stuff coming to the site. It’s a great time to subscribe, and I’m not just saying that.

I have had burlesque heavy on My mind, thinking of how much I miss performing and I have even gotten alot of offers recently to do live shows. truth is I am just not quite ready to return to the stage just yet. BUT I am happy to say I have a show in the works which I will be producing in the spring. So stay tuned for that!

Anyhow: given the season and given that I am generally on tour and performing live somewhere on halloween, I wanted to share some free photos that were ripe for the season.

It’s Me and pornstar Draven Star doing burlesque as Freddy VS. Jason at Webster Hall in NYC. MCed by the late great Dj Jesse may he rest in paradise.

Here is a whole gallery of photos of all the performers and some great pics of My performance with Draven (I got in trouble for bringing a real machete on stage) shot by photographer Nate Igor Smith, or as he was known in those days as a top alt scene photographer: DrivenbyBoredom.

check out the full post here: http://www.drivenbyboredom.com/2011/01/03/webster-hall-new-years-eve-2011/

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