Dizzy Izzy

aka the one and only Isabel

Model and Photographer. yes, THAT Isabel!

Isabel is a new England art model legend!

I have known creative force Isabel for, almost 2 decades? We knew each other online before we knew each other in real life. Worked together as performers for many years and then I got to watch as Isabel blossomed:

Organizing and arranging group shoots, helping models and photographers alike with classes, pose instruction and connections. And becoming a truly incredible photographer.

We work together on this site and you will see work from Isabel as a model, photographed by Me, including a gorgeous video! AND see work from her as a photographer who works with Myself and many members of the Revenge Krew team.

This is the ONLY site you can find full nude collections of Isabel’s work in one place!

There will be multiple updates of Isabel going live on the site so JOIN NOW and get access to all the good stuff!

Isabel was featured as a model in My 2022 fine art nude and lingerie calendar, you can still purchase, more info here:

Here are some of our favorite updates featuring works by Isabel as a photographer:

Some of our favorite works featuring Dizzy Izzy As a model:

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