Sunny with her books

Did you know last year I put out a self published lil photography book? I had taken SO many beautiful photos of model Sunny Cheex that we made it into a limited edition hardcover book filled with our favorite photos of 2020.

Kind of commmemorating the fact that we were able to create so much art despite such a wild and chaotic year. Our body of work was LARGE!

Well anyway, we took photos of Sunny with her book! And here they are!

The book is now out of print BUT good news for you, we made so many beautiful images in 2021 that we made ANOTHER BOOK!

It’s called “It’s Always Sunny”

“It’s Always Sunny” photography of model Sunny Cheex by Bella Vendetta

you can order your copy of the book here:

Some of the photos seen above are included in the book, we have yet to do a shoot of Sunny with her book this year but we will, oh we will…

There’s also a video of last year’s book for promo, you can catch that here:

watch the video and see some teasers for last year’s book!

Sunny also has a 2022 calendar featuring our favorite 12 photosets, and you can order those here:

Happy Sunny Sunday!

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