Sunny Side of the Mountain

Sunnny Side of the Mountain, short video featuring model Sunny Cheex checking out her new limited edition hardcover book while touching herself, admiring how good it looks!

I really switched My life up in so many ways in 2020, when the pandemic hit. I couldn’t dance or Domme or shoot with other people or do any of the things I love to do to make money, so I switched gears. I applied for an art grant, and got it, bought a serious camera and began shooting a photo essay called “Isolation Connection” about sex workers during covid.

I shot friend and model Sunny Cheex many times for the project, and many times just for fun, or content for her sites. But we shot so many times and had SO many quality images that I decided to make a book! A limited edition hardcover book called “Sunny Side of the Mountain”

You can check it out and buy your own signed, hand numbered limited edition copy here:

for more of Sunny visit: and stay tuned here because I have TONS of content featuring Sunny I will be releasing!

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