Photoshoots in 2022

Booking a photoshoot with Bella Vendetta in 2022

Hi there!  Thanks for your interest in collabing on a photoshoot with Me! I am always truly touched any time any human trusts Me to capture their special moment in time.

I LOVE photography, and creating with others is extremely important to Me.

I had genuinely hoped to be back to indoor studio photography this year but unfortunately that does not feel safe at this time.

I will be doing all shoots through 2022 outside only, generally shooting from a  distance with a telephoto lense.

I will be masked during our shoot.  I ask that you be masked when we are not shooting, even though we are outdoors.

I am fully vaccinated and boosted and ask that you be as well.

I am immuno compromised and have several contributing factors to chronic illness and am extremely protective of My personal health, and can only work with others who understand this.

Because of chronic illness, I have had occasion where I have had to cancel or reschedule a photoshoot if I am not at My best.  I generally know this will be an issue beforehand and can communicate it with you and not have it be very last minute.  I also ask that you communicate with Me if you have any similar issues.

I ask that you reschedule if you are sick, even with a cold on the week of our shoot.

These days I generally book two dates, one shoot date and one backup date to account for weather/illness/life shit.

I am busy busy! Running My own website, running the webcam studio and fitting shoots in where I can.

Priority will always be given to paying shoots.

Paid shoots begin at $100 

I run several mini shoot specials through out the year at a discount.

Dates listed below.

Shoots yielded 20-100 finished photos depending on what we get.  Affordable video add-ons are available for $60 for finished videos.  

Shoots may be used for commercial purposes, resold on your fansites or private sales and have few limitations.

Affordable print packages are also available starting at $30

I can also do graphic add on packages starting at $20 if you need things like twitter, or OF headers, banners, ads or more.

A standard model release will need to be signed for every photoshoot and you must have a government issued ID stating you are above the age of 18.  I will need to keep your IDs on file if we are shooting anything nude.

I am also great at getting photos places for print in magazines and press so if getting tearsheets is one of your goals please tell Me.

If you are inquiring about shooting with Me for FREE/Trade/gratis Please note:

I will be publishing your photos on My site:, including releasing up to 5 free images.

In some cases I also release on

I publish SFW teasers on social media:

I also sometimes make prints for sale for

I am looking to collab with folks who have cool ideas, strong portfolios, and an established fanbase.  If you’ve got places to promote and release the work and it will benefit Me to work with you professionally, that’s a bonus for Me.

If I have approached you and offered to shoot for free please know that means I really want it to happen so let’s please follow through with booking it and make sure we get it on the books!  My schedule fills up fast and is often booked out months in advance. 

I begin scheduling shoots for April 2022.

I have the following availability:

April 1-10 for paid shoots

With space for ONE trade/gratis shoot for a model with a 420 theme

May: I have quite alot of availability for paid shoots and no availability for trade shoots.

June: I have availability for paid shoots and availability for ONE trade shoot for a model with rainbow/pride theme

I will be running a mini shoot special for PORTRAITS only, great for Fathers day gifts! $75 for 10 finished photos and 3 prints..  Shoot dates for this mini shoot special are June 1, 2 and 3rd ONLY.  2 slots per day.  These will move fast!

July: Availability for paid shoots only.

Running a mini shoot special with an outdoor mirror/flower/vine setup which is gonna be soooo pretty. July 12/13 only $30 for 5-20 finished images, and can do some video and print add ons. Limited to four spots.

August: I have availability for paid shoots only.

I will be running TWO specials in August.

A very small group shoot, limited to ten people with two photographers on a Berkshire Mountain stream.  Full day long shoot with snacks and picnic lunch provided.

Multiple locations, waterfall shoot, meadow shoot, river shoot, possibility to collab with other models while there.

Full finished photosets plus full finished videos plus prints.

Cost will be $150 firm.

You will walk away with lots of content this day and a beautiful portfolio.

Date is August 18th with a rain date of August 25th

August 30th, 31st and Sept 1st, I will be offering outdoor fairy minishoots special.  A full fairy setup with mesh canopy, flowers and ivy with props and mirrors for you to play with.

Cosplay for fairies, fae, fawns, dragons, princesses and more…

Minishoots will be 20-40 minutes and yield 20 finished photos plus a mini video for $75

Limited spots for these dates!

September: I have availability for paid shoots and ONE trade/gratis shoot.

October: I have availability for paid shoots only.

November I am not available, December I hope to run another mini shoot special but am waiting to release details.

I will be releasing event listings and signup pages for some of these events, but you may email now to claim a spot.

Here’s to hoping that 2023 will mean I feel great about going back to studio shooting and have a space again, but I appreciate everyone working with Me through this for now.

I am confident I am going to get  a ton of amazing outdoor and beautiful landscape photography this year with you beautiful humans!

*If covid numbers rise and I deem it unsafe, I will cancel any group shoots planned, but am approaching optimistically.

To see some examples of what I shot in 2021 check out this post:

Full photography website coming this year too!

Thanks for reading all of that

Let’s make some art!

Please fill out My photoshoot form here:

Once you fill this out I will email you back with some more info and answer any questions you may have:

check out more info on booking a photoshoot with Me here:

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