Top 21 Photos of 2021

It was really hard to decide this because I took SO MMANY photos in 2021. I made alot of pictures with alot of amazing and talented people.

Here’s My top 21, in no particular order.

When I look back at these…it’s an incredible body of work for just ONE YEAR! Um, during a pandemic? somehow I did this…and this is far from all the photos I took. For the sake of sexy times and beautiful people, I have included only photos of beautiful people, but perhaps I should make a post of top 21 nature photos I took or landscapes?

Can’t wait to see what 2022 brings, I already have so many great shoots on the books!

Soon, I will be publishing a booking form and page dedicated to My photography and how you can book a shoot with Me.

THANK YOU to all the talented models who I worked with this year!

ps: lotsa pics of Brook huh? She is such a talented model! You should maybe reward her and send her some love:

PPS: technically top 22 fave photos cuz the header image is model: Ronnie. Extra luck for 2022!

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