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Morgan Fey is a burlesque starlet, performance artist, singer and fetish model who I happen to love both on and off the camera. Morgan and I have been creating content together for more than a DECADE! I release content of Morgan regularly.

Morgan is a big part of the VendettaVerse so stay tuned for Morgan Mondays!

Morgan and I have performed live on stage together, done hardcore BDSM scenes together, cutesy vaudeville performances, charity events, stag parties and oh the stories we can tell! If you stick around you are sure to hear all about them.

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Morgan Fey loves traditional burlesque, fan dancing, corsetry, sewing and costume making, her kitty cats, and READING. She LOVES reading. She’s a busty nerd after My own heart! Morgan has lots of fans all over the world and I am so thrilled to be able to provide a platform for her to connect with them and be releasing fresh new content, and old favorites from the vault.

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Morgan Fey and Bella Vendetta shot by Brandon Stack

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