Happy Valentines Day, here is some Queer Love! Bella Vendetta Brook Rain are engaged!

Happy Valentine’s Day officially! I have been spreading an awful lot of love all over the internet all month long…

between updates here on VendettaVerse in the members are (available only when you JOIN) and free videos and galleries over here on the free blog…

Photosets and galleries over on My webcam studio’s site: TreasureCams.com

and now, I am about to bless you with some more love!

Folks who follow My twitter twitter.com/BellaVendetta may have heard Me being giddy and girly and squealing about My upcoming wedding and the dress and everything else, but this is the first official announcement we have made….I thought Valentines Day was a fitting day to drop the news that Brook Rain and I are GETTING MARRIED!

As true New England stoners, we are getting married on 4/20 this year! It’s so so soon, My head is spinning!

I had big dreams of a fancy wedding with MY friends and family, and a wild bridal party at the stripclub, but covid sort of ruined those plans. We RE-planned and planned for a smaller more manageable wedding.

Now, with the covid numbers the way they are, and us both being immuno-compromised, we have decided to cancel that too.

The plan now is to just have our own private ceremony, performed by Brutal Master of Brutalmaster.com My long time confidant, mentor and friend.

With photos by Isabel of Bella Vision Photo, a longtime friend.

I will of course have a beautiful dress, which I got and need to fix a bit, and I am wearing green, because 420. And also to signify growth and wealth and prosperity, things I want our marriage to be built on.

We will be on our favorite lake, a beloved place we often swim, fish, picnic and boat.

We plan to have a nice BBQ and picnic outside that day, and then spend the next ten days NOT working!

Sleeping in, visiting some of our favorite Berkshire Places, or new places we haven’t been together yet, and eating at some of our favorite restraunts.

I am hoping we get to hot tub at least one of the days!

I am truly, truly blessed to have Brook in My life. I love this woman so much and I am so glad I get to marry her!

Wanna support two lesbians making art, surviving, thriving and making a life together against all the odds?


No I’m really serious, buying a subscription to the site helps us both, helps Me be able to pay Brook for her editing skills, which are a big part of the video section of the site!

Helps us pay bills and put food on the table and be able to take ten days off to enjoy each other after we marry!

Todays member update is this FULL photoset featuring 80 photos of us loving each other by Bella Vision Photo

Want to spoil us for our nuptuals?

Send us $100 for a nice meal during our honey moon, send us $60 to rent a hot tub

send us a couple hundred to buy fancy weed products during our 4/20 celebration

Give us funds directly! We are buying a new vehicle together, and saving for a property.

You can also send funds directly for a farm CSA share for the season, support us eating well and a local farmer! ($500-800 per year)

You can also send us something off our joint wishlist!

Learn how to send funds directly, and get links to our wishlists here:

JOIN NOW to see the full 80 picture photoset, including cute out takes, and read the VIP blog about how we met and our early sexual adventures together…

Sending you all some love and spreading the joy with our wedding announcement.

It’s important to see real, queer love and joy and to see sex workers in loving and deep relationships.

Bella Vendetta, owner and operator of VendettaVerse.com and the brains behind Beautiful Revenge Productions AND TreasureCams.com