Sunny Sunday at the club

Don’t you miss seeing Sunny Cheex LIVE on stage!? Right in front of your eyes? Right in your lap even!

Sunny has been working as an exotic dancer for many years around the East Coast. For some time, we worked together in a few clubs, then, when I began managing Club Castaway she came and worked for Me there.

Today’s FREE video update is from a glorious, sunny time when the club felt full of possibilities. I shot this for promo:

Sunny Cheex is action on stage

Sunny was a wonder to behold live on stage, I loved watching her dance. You would have too. Too bad ya missed your chance! When the pandemic hit Sunny went digital, and these days she’s been taking her clothes off LIVE on cam several days a week and having a blast doing it. Check out her official TreasureCams profile to learn more:

Catch her live monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday mornings at:

This month I have some really deep and personal VIP blogs planned. I’ll be talking all about My time at the stripclub as a dancer and manager, sharing alot of personal stripper stories! Of course Sunny is included in that, so now is a great time to JOIN!

For less than the price of a lapdance you can get up close and personal access to us!

Ya just gawked at stage for free so please, show us you appreciate adult entertainers and SUBSCRIBE for all the good stuff!

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