Mistress Bella Vendetta

I am a traditionally trained professional and lifestyle Dominatrix, of over 20 years training and experience.

I trained at the world’s oldest and longest running BDSM training chateau. I had the honor of training with some of the most gifted Masters and Mistresses at the top of their game. I have gotten to travel all across the US as a guest Mistress at some of the most well respected dungeons and houses both as a lifestyler and professional.

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Today’s member’s update is a nice VIP blog about some of My BDSM experience, and includes 23 fetish photos of Me inn fishnets business jacket and heels teasing you with some toys.

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If you are someone who is interested in serving Me, service begins by subscribing to My website. If you want to serve Me, you will want to know Me, and lucky for you, I have an entire professional website talking about My experiences, protocols, complete with interviews, reviews and thousands of photos and videos to tantalize you and give you a wonderful snapshot of who I am as a person, creator and Domme.

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Bella Vendetta, owner and operator of VendettaVerse.com and the brains behind Beautiful Revenge Productions AND TreasureCams.com