March is My birthday Month!

Welcome to March!  We made it! Pretty amazing huh?  Amidst all the shit going on  in the world we made it, and we managed to find each other and bond over mutual interest in kinks, self satisfaction and the pursuit of pleasure.

It’s a bold and important move you’ve taken, going out of your  way to come and spend time checking out and supporting a sex worker.  Bold moves in 2022.

It’s My BIRTHDAY MONTH!  Which is very exciting for Me.

My official bday is March 5th!  This saturday!

But, I have long, long been a fan of birthday months.  In fact, now that I’m turning 41, I think I should celebrate for 41 days straight!

The fact that I am here, alive on this earth is such a miracle!  I wanna celebrate it every day!

Well, I am celebrating with YOU all month long.

I have SO many updates planned this month…I mean…

Over 8 VIP blogs, over 10 videos over 15 photosets… some extra surprises along the way!

Some legacy content, origin story character building stories and shares and behind the scenes info.

Click the link —–>Want to know a FREE way to show Me some love this month? VOTE for Me for “Best fetish cam model” for the 2022 Xbiz Cam Awards. More info here:

If you are interested in spoiling Me, supporting Me or showing appreciation for My existence this month please SUBSCRIBE now to the site and come on this journey with Me.

It’s less than the price of a lapdance to get to know Me on a much deeper level and be thoroughly entertained all the while. Please JOIN and show Me some love.

It’s not just Me, you can also connect with all My beautiful friends and the models on the site in the comments section!

If you wanna SEND Me something nice, you can check out this page:

You can send Me something directly off My wishlist here:

If you wanna donate to charity in My name, I also think that’s a beautiful gift.  This year I am asking for donations to

Donate $50 or more and get access to My website.  Send a screenshot as proof and I’ll email you login info.  Donate $100 or more and I’ll send you login info and mail you a signed photo print in the mail along with a personalized thank you letter. Email AFTER you have donated.

Let’s spread some love to folks who really need it<3

I can’t wait to show you what’s coming out this month!

I will be releasing event photos plus liveshow videos from over  a decade of stripclub tours, burlesque shows and weird stuff on stages I’ve done in the name of My birthday during the month of March!

I always did it big….

Read some VIP blogs about the experiences as well when you JOIN NOW.

This flyer is pretty much when it all started…

When I launched in March 2003, for My Bday I did a launch party in NYC and then subsequently a number of events for My bday at various clubs and venues in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and various parts of NYC.

We really mixed our punk rock with our porn in those days, and I generally always had a band playing at events.  Legendary hardcore/punk band Three Fifteen played this particular event.

Photos by the one and only Steve Prue.

Please JOIN the site this March and see it all!

If you like seeing cool flyers from events past JOIN NOW because there’s an entire page of fan art, graphics, and flyers available for members that I am always adding to!

Bella Vendetta, owner and operator of and the brains behind Beautiful Revenge Productions AND

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