Bella’s Birthday Snaps

Ya know I used to be quite obsessed with snapchat. I used to be always snapping all the time. Now these days since covid and not being out at the clubs or constantly doing events, I don’t snap quite as much. I DO use it as a place to share what’s new on this site, inform folks when I am in the bathtub, post some cute racy promo stuff I can’t get away with elsewhere etc.

I used to save it for PAID subscribers, or for folks at the club who had done lapdances with Me or folks who had subscribed to My or for a few months.

But now, esp since I don’t post on it too much anymore, I have just been letting folks follow Me for FREE there!

Isn’t that a nice Bday present from Me to you???

Add Me here:

Bella Vendetta on snapchat

And you will be bound to be amused and entertained. I am always lookin hot and sharing it with yall:

some behind the scenes action in the champagne room

Being that it is My birthday month, I was reminded that My LAST public birthday party which was at Club Castaway, when I managed there.

Dancers Twenty and Stacy Stackz helped planned this great lil party for Me and there was great food. It was def slow season but I remember having alot of fun.

Feature Dancer Pisces: aka Your Neighborhood Stripper had come out from TX to dance at the club! It was the first time we got to meet and she danced for My birthday. Dancer Milli had captured some of the magic on her snap and shared it with Me:

As you can see Barbara, the former owner’s wife was amazed by Pisces hypnotic ass, she could not take her eyes off it!

could you blame her?

Great times were had by all, and it was a nice memory.

You’ve seen all month long that I’ve had these wild parties with photographers and videographers and that one was super lowkey and full of love.

Wanted to share that fun Bday memory with yall!

If you are hypnotized by Pisces, which you should be, you can see more of her at: and

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