Bella Vendetta in PC Magazine

A while back I was interviewed by writer Lux Alptraum for PCMag! The interview was about unfair banking practices and credit card policies regarding adult content. And boy, do I have alot of experience with that!

The interview. was recently published, it’s very in depth and a great read, check it out:

Yes, I do love seeing that CEO of TreasureCams there! If you don’t know, TreasureCams is My virtual webcam studio that I run. We have over 40 talented performers on our roster and multiple top models! Wanna check it out and connect with some performers who really love their job?

Maybe you are interested in livestreaming but don’t know where to start.

Lots more info on the site:

header photo of Bella by Julie Simone

In the article I make reference to some work I showed at The Whitney Museum! I am actually going to be releasing SO much of My fine art content here. Photos, drawings and much more that have shown on gallery walls around the world.


and support independent artists, and queer artists documenting our own sexual subculture and history!

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