Bella Vendetta’s Holiday Wishlist

ah yes, another year has passed and somehow, we all MADE IT! Congrats to us! I have gotten quite. afew inquiries about what folks should get Me for Christmas so I thought I would make a formal post.

As some know, I have multiple Amazon wishlists separated into different categories depending on which aspect of My life you might like to support, here is the full list:

here is My personal, general wishlist. Cute outfits mostly, lingerie etc with some notes and priorities attached:

If you are a lover of My feet then I have a wishlist filled with socks, anklettes toe jewelery, boots sneakers and much more!

I really love reading and have a book wishlist:

As many know, I am a foodie and have a kitchen and food wishlist:

I love gardening and have a garden wishlist:

I am currently in herbal medicine school, and always making creations for My shoppe: and I have a wishlist filled with supplies I really want and need for potions and projects:

If you wanna support My photography endeavors here is a list of things I would love to use for shooting going into 2022:

And if you wanna support Me AND My beautiful wife we have a joint wishlist too, as we JUST moved into our first house together and are getting married next year!

Now, if Amazon wishlist is not your thing, I get it. There are some other ways to support Me and get some things that I want and need as well.

You can: adopt a bill for 6 months to a full year. This is probably the MOST helpful thing someone can do. Bills range from $15 a month to $100.

You can also just send any amount of money as a one off gift of your choice! I accept Cashapp: $payBellaV or Make sure you write that it’s for a holiday gift!

you can: send Me a gift of your choice! Some things I always love are:

Long dangly earrings, fancy chocolate, fancy mustard, a variety of hot sauces, designer handbags, Gold Jewelry, spice blends and dry rubs and fancy sea salts. I also love art, and if you make art I would love to add it to My collection.

I am also accepting gift certificates to one of My favorite restaurants: Mezze:

If you like feeding Me: I would also love some funds towards a Farm CSA for 2022. CSA rates start at $500. Flower CSA’s start at $250. Then you get to not only support ME but also support a local farm! And you are keeping Me and the Earth healthier <3

I am also into food subscription services and those can be had for $60+ per month and are something I would love funded!

If you want to GIVE to the community at large and not to Me directly hey, I totally thing that is fucking awesome. You can donate to:

Planned Parenthood, Tapestry Community Health or in My name and I would be so so honored and consider it a gift.

I know that we expect some delays with shipping etc this year in the US so I would say to begin thinking of your holiday shopping list NOW!

I am also putting together some really really cute holiday gift packages in My online shop and have already sent some out! Consider shopping from independent makers this holiday season and directly support artists like ME!

My online shoppe has things like herbal skincare products, high end facial oils, beard oils, perfumes, bath soaks and much more. I also have alot of beautiful art and photo prints for sale so you can treat yourself! I’d love to send a signed photo to you this Christmas!

Anyone who spends $100 or more in My shoppe from now til the end of the year will receive a free card/poster or print from Me and signed! (I will be running maybe ONE more sale before the end of the year). But I would certainly consider it a gift to Me if you did your holiday shopping with Me this year….

If you’d like to send Me something or have sent Me something please email: so I know who I can thank!

I do want to note that I am not one of those sex workers who trades things for gifts. I consider gifts….gifts and I don’t trade My labor for gifts. I DO send folks a heartfelt thank you! Depending on what you get I might make a photoset or something with one of the gifts and you’ll be the first to see it and/or be mentioned in the post.

I will also say that I have a great relationship with My fans and subs who spoil Me and I am always going to answer their emails and engage with folks who show Me they value Me, and like to see Me lead the lifestyle I deserve.

I plan on spoiling members of My site every single day from now til the end of the year so be prepared for that!

Thanks for all the love and support!

Bella Vendetta, owner and operator of and the brains behind Beautiful Revenge Productions AND

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