Bella Luna Rosa skincare rebrand

I did a little bit of a wee rebrand today for My herbal skincare line, to seperate it a bit from the Bella Vendetta stuff and other stuff because it really has become it’s own thing. Some potion experiments sort of turned into a skincare line. Introducing Bella Rosa Skincare. Microbatch herbal infused skincare products, crafted by the phases of the moon by yours truly, Bella Vendetta

If you check out My online shop now you’ll see I have ALL kinds of things:

skincare like floral facial oils, bath soaks, perfume oils, beard oils, ceremonial oils, hand scrub and so much more!

Please check it all out at:

I will be adding even MORE in December as well!

I have an in person market event happening in Berkshire County Dec 4th where I will be selling some things so stay tuned for details on that!

Here’s some photos of goodies I have available in the shoppe:

I also have an option for wishlist style: that you can send a giftbag filled with lovely self care products to your favorite sex worker. Just purchase, let Me know who they are so I can contact them and ask if they have any allergies or sensitivities and then send them off a custom gift basket filled with goodies! (I’ll likely send you a lovely thank you too for being so thoughtful and treating your favorite sex worker and supporting this holiday season!)

more info: bellavendetta666@gmail

I appreciate each and everyone who supports Me on My herbal journey. As you may know, I got into herbal medicine school this year on a scholarship and have been busting My ass ever since learning, doing projects and making! I actually have a wishlist for all stuff to do with My herbal medicine making and you can find that here:

I talk more about that in My wishlist blog here:

learn how you can spoil Me this holiday season!

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