Will Bella ever return to the stage?

I have been getting SO many asks about when and where people can see Me perform, and if I am currently dancing at any clubs.

The short answer is NO, I’m not currently dancing anywhere.

I had actually formally retired from being a house dancer almost 7 years ago! I did a farewell tour and everything. Doing a day and night shift at all of My favorite clubs in New England.

Today fb reminded Me of this memory from 7 years ago, My last official shift at Centerstage:

“My last day at Centerstage was like a tiny microcosm of all the reasons I wanted to leave happening during a 7 hour shift. You know, the inability to get My paychecks, guys tripping on acid and ripping girls off for lap dances, guys grabbing at My tits, sweatpants guy, newbie dancer thinkin she can run her mouth at Me, getting switched sets twice resulting in being on stage for full hours at a clip TWICE, not once but twice. Hey pole friends who go classes every week and love it, try doing it in 7 inch heels for an hour straight while dudes watch football. Dudes watching football, a whole bar of em, an empty stage with bored dancers texting. There was also a row of three guys drinking beer and all on their phones WHILE AT THE STAGE. And plywood on the door because apparently someones head went thru the window the night before. I didnt wanna pay the $25 fee for the dressing room so I had to change in the fucking bathroom! oh lordy. During My last set listening to the same song for the 6th time that day watching the lights, wondering how many hours of My life Id wasted twirling around that pole while nobody tipped Me…..the last “customer” of the day was a really drunk guy who was mumbling, pawing at wendy and then fell asleep at the stage. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES CENTERSTAGE! So much lolz. Seriously tho, thanks Cstage, its been real. I have met some truly incredible women in the place and even made some friends who I think will be lifelong. I appreciate all the great times, and all the great money and the absolute shenanagins. I do have some sincere and fond memories. Ill miss some of you ladies so much! Perhaps Ill be back in the future to do a special event or party or make an appearance during birthday week or something. But right now My energy and attention are most definately needed elsewhere.”

Since then I made a a few appearances, quit for another couple of years while I was back and forth managing Club Castaway. After I quit that job I did go back and work a few shifts at the 5th Alarm becaause My friend and great DJ were managing. When the pandemic hit that wasn’t an option for Me anymore.

I actually wrote a very long blog post about this in the members section, so please JOIN and read that and other deeply personal VIP blogs there!

I’ve been actually really missing it, missing performing, and contemplating how and when I might be able to ever make a come back. I KNOW everything is changed and the money is NOT the same in the clubs anymore. I see the posts from My dancer friends about how bad it’s gotten. I take the late night phone calls about assaullts and getting robbed by other dancers and jumped outside the club. Shit is ROUGH for dancers in every state right now. Doesn’t seem like a great time to make a come back. It was good to read the above post today because I was actually missing being in the club. All it took was a reminder to snap me the fuck out of that!

But strangely, I’ve got some clubs asking Mme to do feature events and host parties and it’s so tempting and I want to. I miss the lights, the dancers, the divine feminine energy all around Me. I miss men handing Me cash. I miss the outfits and the shoes and the dressing up and loudly clicking My heels.

Right mow, I am scheduled to do a burlesque show in Feb, and to host an event in March of next year. I am not formally announcing it yet because with new variants and the world being what it is, I think I need a few more weeks to think on it and see if it’s the right move.

Here is a photo of happier stripper times, shot at a party I threw at Anthony’s Gentlemen’s Club, taken by Bob Coulter

cover photo of Bella Vendetta shot by Autumn Forever on the set of “BlackLight” a lesbian romcom where I play a stripper! Shot at Club Castaway:

Check out the trailer for that here, and watch for the DVD coming to My store soon!

Bella Vendetta stars in “BlackLight”
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