Bella Vendetta’s favorite roleplay scenarios

I have been having SO much fun on cam the last few weeks, doing all sorts of interesting roleplay scenarios.  I decided to start making a list of all of My favorite ones so people would know some of the possibilities.  Here are some of My favorites:

Nun, religious school teacher

Naughty nun, secretly slutty nun

Catholic girl who seduces/gets seduced by priest

Satanic Priestess using you for a dark ritual

Sex witch casting spells over your cock

In that vein I also love doing sci fi related roleplays, as an alien invader, superhero, evil AI and more.

Your best friend’s wife/girlfriend.  Also homewrecker, make you cheat on your wife/girlfriend. 

Naughty secretary I like, but what I like better is naughty CEO who makes you do whatever she wants so you can keep your job.  I’m also into crooked politician roleplay where I’m the politician and you’re My totally devoted intern.

Naughty nurse/doctor/therapist. I love medical play and I do medical monday once per month.

Check My schedule for the next one:

Dolcett fantasy play….chef who is going to carve you up cook you and serve you.  Explaining in detail how I would section you up, marinate you,roast you and serve you to a dinner party for all My Domme friends.

Cuckold fantasy, used and laughed at by My wife and I together. Made to watch in the corner as I shoot porn and fuck people way better than you.  I love coming up with deep involved fantasies about you playing cleanup crew.

I enjoy roleplay fantasy where you are used in general, made to service Myself, My wife, My hott pornstar friends, made to fluff the pornstar studs there to fuck us.

This is just a small section of the roleplays I have done, and a list of ones I really like and I have named well over a dozen unique fetish scenarios here.

I am open to hearing your ideas too!

If you want to schedule some time on cam with Me to do a custom roleplay scenario here are the steps:

  1.  You can: subscribe to this website! and/or subscribe to My fanclub on  and THEN and only then may you 
  2. write to Me at: to tell Me about your particular roleplay scenario and desire.  Follow up with some times/days/dates that you would be available for an online session. Let Me know which site/tier you subscribed at.
  3. Please do include any specific toys/outfits/costume/hairstyle/ etc that you are hoping for.  I have a large, large fetish and general wardrobe, shoes,clothing, hosiery, dresses,suits costumes and so much more.  If you are looking for a specific piece that I do not have you can send extra so I may acquire it, or purchase it off My wishlist.
  4. If your roleplay requires a script of more than one paragraph that I need to read and memorize, please be prepared to join My websites at the $50 tier at least, to pay Me for My efforts.

Do NOT attempt to email Me inquiring about a custom cam show unless you have subscribed to either website listed above.   If you do not even want to spend a mere $20 to show that you are serious about this, I will not entertain replying to you.

Custom roleplay cam sessions begin at $100.  We may also record your session, or create a custom video for you to buy, download and own to watch over and over and over and over…

Exclusive customs are available for an additional charge of $250

Please note: I do not accept any scenarios where I am submissive, humiliated or degraded.  I do not offer any scenarios involving anyone underage, animals (including crush fetishes, do NOT ask for animal harm) or anything illegal.  I do not offer any scat roleplay scenarios.  Please do not ask for any of these things.

You may also catch Me live, several days a week on cam, more info on that here:

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