Seska at the lake solo

I wanted to give everyone in the V’Verse an official introduction to Seska. Seska is a mature, experienced performer who livestreamswith TreasureCams! She visited recently and we worked on a few different things together. She got to be part of the TreasureCams content creation camp, and we started production on a full film together! I am making an art documentary all about this amazing woman! Expect to see more updates about that, more info, and plan to see the full film released in the spring.

For now, I wanted to release these specific ones in a timely manner. They pretty accurately capture the sense of freedom and thoughtfulness and raw sexiness that I want to bring to the film.

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we’ll have some chances for fans to fund and get some producer credit on our film too so stay tuned for more news on this important collab and art project by filmmaker Bella Vendetta and content creator Seska.

If you want to see MORE of Seska, check her out livestreaming on weekend mornings, check out her official TreasureCams profile for more:

want to see even MORE of Seska? Check out her personal site:

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