The Adventures of Bella and Morgan | DVD


“The Adventures of Bella and Morgan” is a compilation DVD of some of Bella’s favorite scenes ever shot with burlesque starlet and fetish model, Morgan fey. A six scene collection of these two Western, MA based femmes featuring live performances, burlesque, signing, dancing and plenty of hardcore and heady BDSM.  DVD purchase includes a signed DVD, signed limited edition glossy photo print and handwritten note from Bella.  DVD extras include photo gallery
Format: DVD with signed print and instant download of film
Produced by: Beautiful Revenge Productions
Starring: Morgan Fey, Bella Vendetta


“The Adventures of Bella and Morgan” starring AVN award winning, Xbiz nominated professional and lifestyle Domme and performer Bella Vendetta alongside western MA based cosplayer, fetish model and burlesque starlet Morgan fey. These two performers have known each other and been working together for well over a decade within the New England scene.  Bella put together a compilation DVD of all of her favorite scenes, behind the scenes, live performances and hard content that they have produced together over the years.
This collection features behind the scenes from a studio photoshoot involving a big bathtub and alot of glitter, live performances of singing, stripping and dancing and some deep and heady BDSM and submissive training content shot for
1: Glitter Bath
Some behind the scenes footage of Bella vendetta and Morgan fey LIVE on set for Shredboy Studios, in Western, MA.  For the shoot the two femmes slowly and sensually pour glitter all over each other and pose for the camera.  A great glimpse inside what it’s really like on set and shows how much fun these two were having while filming.  Includes big breasts, breasts covered in glitter, cute butts and cute butts covered in glitter.  Queer lovers of glitter will squee with joy at the sparkly mess these two makes.
Scene 2: Tiny slut Big Tits
In this scene Mistress Bella Vendetta has submissive Morgan Fey locked up tight ina tiny cage.  Morgan is made to crawl out of the cage and is then attached to a large wooden ladder.  Wearing nothing but a corset with her large breasts exposed. Blindfolded and tied up, Morgan has nipple clamps attached to her, and then heavier clamps attached to her breasts.  Mistress Bella takes Her time attaching wooden clothespins to Morgan’s chest, mouth and then sadistically tortures Morgan with a wooden ruler until she cries.  Bella puts her back away in her cage when done. This scene originally appeared on
Scene 3: Mistress Vendetta Morgan fey slave Training
Mistress Bella Vendetta takes fetish model Morgan fey deep into the woods of Maine to Brutal Master’s dungeon space.  In this clip professional and lifestyle Domina Mistress Bella Vendetta goes over some intense slave training, protocol, etiquette and speech control with Morgan.  Mistress Bella sits on a chair and instructs Morgan to strip for Her, slowly and sexily, before using her as a human footstool.   After being used as a human furniture Morgan is strung up with her hands above her head and shows Morgan how to offer herself.  Mistress Bella uses a single tail whip to throw cruel lashes on Morgan’s back, ass and legs.  After Morgan is whipped to tears Mistress Bella has her place her large breasts on a wooden board on her lap while she slaps them red.  The breast torture isn’t over then, as Morgan gets her large breasts tied tightly in rope and then beats them with a large leather strop. This scene originally appeared on
Scene4:  Bella and Morgan Cabaret
A video shot live of a performance Bella Vendetta and Morgan fey did for the “Leafing Cancer Behind” fundraiser in Western, MA.  Morgan Fey showing off her singing chops while Bella distracts her by dancing around and taking her clothes off.  Classic Cabaret.
Scene 5:  Bella Vendetta Burlesque
Live Video of performer, burlesque dancer and artist Bella Vendetta dancing for “Leafing Cancer Behind” benefit and fundraiser in Western, MA.
Bella strips in front of a live crowd to one of her favorite goth songs.
Wearing all black, fishnets, satin gloves, sparkly stripper heels and hyes, even a fedora.
Scene 6: Morgan fey fan dance
Live video of western MA based Burlesque Starlet Morgan Fey doing her much requested fan dance at the “Leafing Cancer Behind” fundraiser.  Classical burlesque from this curvy beauty in front of a live crowd.
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