Perfect Pig


Join award winning queer pornstars Bella Vendetta and Chelsea Poe as they navigate how to make kinky porn during a pandemic.  A unique snapshot of queer life on the web in 2021, Pro Domme Mistress Bella Vendetta finds a way to do virtual BDSM and submissive training sessions with Chelsea Poe as she turns her into her “Perfect Pig

This films showcases: long distance virtual BDSM connections, hot wax play, humiliation and degradation, clothespins in painful places, self flagellation, striptease, submissive tasks, dildos, buttplugs and exhibition.


Format: MP4
Written and directed by: Bella Vendetta
Starring: Bella Vendetta, Chelsea Poe, Amazon Maddox, Martine Phoenix
Edited by: Jon Baker
With additional work by: Brook Rain and Courtney Trouble
Distributed by: Beautiful Revenge Productions, Trouble Films, AVN Stars
Music by: Pigface



Mistress Bella Vendetta finds Herself missing her connection with longtime costar, submissive and award winning star of “The Training of Poe” Chelsea Poe.  Bella decides covid is no excuse to not find creative new ways to humiliate and play with Chelsea.

For WEEKS Bella and Chelsea communicated, sending packages, love letters, toys and assignments back and forth via emails, DM’s, cam shows and good old fashioned snail mail. After training Chelsea how to become the perfect little piggy for Bella’s amusement, a group video chat is organized with guest Dommes Martine Phoenix and Amazon Maddox.

All the Domina’s take turns ordering Chelsea around and having her perform humiliating and dehumanizing tasks while they laugh and coo.

Chelsea is such a good little pass around pig that she is allowed to fuck herself and make herself cum while everyone watches.  This scene was filmed in front of a live audience and broadcast on the web for all to see.

A beautiful piece of cinema showing sex worker’s ability to adapt, and a snapshot of how we make porn during a pandemic.

Directors cut with behind the scenes and bonus material out soon!

The pandemic has been hard on everyone.  It’s been a new challenge for kinky pornstars who are left figuring out new ways to safely make smut, and explore kink at the same time.

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