Help Me Fix My Crown



Rayne Meadows, known for their intense and rough hardore scenes, takes on a new role as star of this. experimental artporn. by Producer/Director Bella Vendetta.
Rayne walks into a mountain river, supported and adored by their fellow queer and disabled sex working community members.  VendettaVerse models: Ryrenn Sinn, Morgan Fey, Tommie Gunn and. Lilah Rose.  The performers slowly undress. Rayne, and then lay hands, anointing their scarred body with oils and praise.   A ritualistic cottage core femme art film.
The full film is just over 9 minutes long.
This film premiered June 10th in Australia as part of Erotica Film Festival.
Bella Vendetta, owner and operator of and the brains behind Beautiful Revenge Productions AND