New VIP Blog!

Yes! Aside from all the sexy content that I’ve updated with this week and month I ALSO have a VIP blog, available only to subscribers. I post once or twice a month, sometimes more if I’m feeling spicy.

Today I have updated the blog with something I wrote yesterday, asking the question: “how the hell do I move into 2022 as a performer?”

I get pretty deep in there and talk a bit about My history as a performer, how I handled the stripclub scene when covid hit. And My plans for a performance comeback in 2022.

I also talk about My long history of stage cleansing, and how I used to dress up in a french maid costume and clean the stage, and I linked this video:

Bella Vendetta’s stage cleansing

I have been dropping VIP blogs on the members side a few times a month and am always thankful to have a web home again where I can put all My thoughts.

so JOIN NOW and see what it’s all about!

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