Jules Jones Mirror

Today I am introducing yall to a NEW model to the site.

Meet Jules Jones, an artist and muse.

I took these photos this past summer during a minishoot with mirrors and I think we all love the period painting vibes they conjur up.

The middle photo here recently appeared in My Open Studio Gallery Show and select photos from this set will also be featured in ArtLoveLifestyle Magazine.

To purchase a framed 8X10 print of the middle photo please email: BellaVendetta666@gmail

This FULL photoset is available one view for members, PLUS video of this gorgeous set!

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I hope you enjoy these beautiful images and I sincerely hope we get to see more of Jules Jones on the site! To see more of their work visit: http://instagram.com/jjartiste

Select images from this photoset were published in ArtLoveLifeStyle Magazine and one very special image will be printed and framed and on display at My next gallery offering:

December 3rd in Williamstown, MA. Show is on display through February. More details here:

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