Every Rose Has it’s Thorn

I was really touched when fetish model Kitten Dabstar said she wanted to bottom to Me during a BDSM scene I had in mind. She couldn’t resist My twisted mind, and happily followed Me into the forest. Surrounded by nature and beauty I secured her to a tree, stripper her out of her red lace lingerie, and flogged her with My leather rose flogger, before moving on to a bouquet of real roses, which I wreck on her ass and body as I rip and tear her flesh with the thorns.

She loved every second of it, as members will see.

There is so trailer or teaser for this very special set, which includes a video that is over ten minutes long, as well as thirty three black and white film photographs. All filming, edits and photography by Gim Von Gamete. https://twitter.com/GVgamete

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