Blood Moon Blanket Fort

Tonight is a BLOOD MOON, it’s a super flower blood moon!

In honor of that I am releasing this little experimental short film I made for FREE! Produced by Beautiful Revenge Productions

I shot it on a blood moon a few years ago, inside of an art installation at “Ashland Street Art Project” in North Adams, MA.

Starring Jax, a local queer artist. I submitted this to the weird and local film festival because it was indeed weird…I hope you enjoy!

Blood Moon Blanket Fort

I encourage you to build a blanket fort during this full moon and settle in and watch this gem.

On the members side today, I have a short selfie photoset of Me with some gorgeous flowers, and a full moon tapestry for tonight’s flower moon.

JOIN NOW to see this full photoset and read a VIP blog about some of My full moon rituals.

Don’t miss My full moon cam show TOMORROW NIGHT! May 16th, I will be LIVE 4-8 pm EST with all that great full moon energy running through My veins. Add me to your favorites now so you don’t miss a show!

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