Bella’s snapchat is FREE for Halloween!

Yes it’s true, I have picked up My snapchat account again and have been posting there rather regularly.

You get alot of My day to day plus sneak peeks of what I am working on and shit I can’t put on instagram. Behind the scenes at photoshoots and a whole library of My saved posts from when I was a stripper that I post every once in a while. When I was a stripper I used to give My snapchat out for free if you got 2 or more lapdances with Me. Last year I was selling access to it.

I regularly post daily nude or topless selfies with no makeup in the morning, bathtime, and that sort of thing

well, I am making it FREE from now til Nov 1st! So take advantage.

add Me here:

After Nov 1st it will be back on sale for $10 per month.

I will be giving it away for FREE to ALL subscribers of My site: VendettaVerse! At any tier of subscription. Get Me on multiple platforms and levels<3

you might get to see some antics from behind the scenes, here us on the street from Halloween parties past with TS pornstar tara Emory!

pornstar Tara Emory
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