Bella’s 2023 birthday Gift Guide

So many people ask Me every year what I want, so here it is!

My birthday is March 5th, I will be 42! The answer! I’ve been in the industry over 20 years and really feel like I am just hitting My stride. I’m super confident about My body of work, and feel so great moving into this next phase of naked art making.

Wanna help celebrate Me this year? There’s actually lots of ways you can, check it out:

First of all I will be releasing a new photoset or video EVERY.SINGLE.DAY in March! 31 days of updates! It’s a great time to subscribe and see all the amazing content I have to offer. I only share a small snippet of what’s available for free and you truly must subscribe to get the whole picture.

JOIN NOW to see it all!

I am also having an in person birthday event, on March 3rd in Western, MA. Come out and meet Me and bring Me some bday gifts in person!

If you are bringing something in person, some things I love are:

CASH, no really, I love the feel of cash in My hand and think it makes a great gift.

I love gift certificates to some of Myy favorite places, like Yankee Candle or Mezze restaurant or even gas gift cards are cool.

I love fine milk chocolate, fresh roses, Dr. Teals products and fine oils! Like: extra virgin olive oils, emu oils, rosehip oils, hemp oils (please do not get any other types of oils as I’m allergic to quite. abit)

If you can’t make it to the in person event and you wanna send Me something nice, the easiest way to do that is choose something from My wishlist:

Gifts get sent directly to Me and you have the option of adding in a little note!

I also love it when people donate to charity in My name! This year I am asking for donations of $50+ for

Send photo or screenshot of your donation and I’ll send you 3 months of access to My website! email BellaVendetta666@gmail after you’ve donated

If that’s not enough options, you can also send Me some money to do with as I wish. And I mean, I do meaningful and creative things with money. Some things I am looking for funding for this year are: A documentary film about a mature porn performers return to the industry, the printing of 2 different zines, and the building of some new props.

Check out this page for more:

Thanks for sharing the birthday love with Me yall!

Bella Vendetta, owner and operator of and the brains behind Beautiful Revenge Productions AND