Bella Vendetta’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2022

I’ve been having a really fun time on cam dressing up as Santa and asking people if they wanna sit on My lap and tell me what they’re giving Me this year. Santa Bella deserves some spoiling!

It’s that time of year again!  I have some folks asking what I  would like as a holiday gift so I wanted to share My lists!

Gift giving is a wonderful way to  show your appreciation if you’ve been consuminng My content all year.  Or if you’ve ever gotten a great cam show from Me and want to say thank you.  Or if you follow Me on twitter and think I’m hilarious.  And especially if you are a submissive hoping to  gain My favor.

I find the gifts people choose says so much about THEM and I cherish each one, whether it’s $5 or $500 I swear I do!

The easy way is: My amazon wishlists!

My main personal wishlist:

My foodies wishlist, if you wanna send Me culinary gifts gadgets and fancy cheeses:

Foot Fetish wishlist, all things for My feets:

My photography wishlist, props and things I would love to help Me create more:

My wishlist with My wife, Brook Rain, spoil both of us! Mostly stuff for our house:

speaking of stuff for the house, I have a whole wishlist of stuff for My garden:

I also have a book wishlist just FILLED with books I’d love to read:

Want to support local businesses?

GIFT CERTIFICATES! To some of My favorite local restaurants:

Want to support the arts?  Buy Me a year long membership at MASSMOCA, Clark  ARt, Berkshire Museum, or the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Want to donate to charity in My name?  Donate to Pink and Black

Don’t have any money but still wanna show Me some love?  I also love receiving spotify playlists!  Send to: 

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Check out some more ideas on how you can spoil Me on My site:

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