Bella Vendetta’s Birthday Gallery Show

It’s officially My birthday month!

I will be celebrating with an in person event in M<yy photography studio, with a very special gallery show.

20 years as a fine art nude model! Come check Me out from 4-7 pm and see a collection of over 60 images by a group of very talented photographers, featuring ME in various states of undress through the years.

Come out and join Me:

This event is FREE to attend, but please support by buying some art or merch.

And yes, I will of COURSE be accepting birthday gifts!

check out My birthday gift guide. HERE:

see more event details here:

If you are too far to attend the event, worry not! I will be releasing a large portion of the photos here on the site in the members VIP section!

Over 60 images in the online gallery!

JOIN NOW to see it all!

Now is a great time to JOIN and I’ll also consider it a bday gift to Me!

I will be releasing 31, yes THIRTY ONE photosets in the members area this month. One photoset every single day! And some days with two! JOIN NOW to gain access to My universe!

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