Bella Vendetta Announces New Photography Studio

Today in the members section I released a good long VIP  blog with some very big news!

I am officially re-opening My photography studio!

Starting in September I’ll be back inside My beautiful studio with gorgeous natural light and a great view!

This time I will have a different focus and be  doing different things inside of the space.  Mostl be using it  for epic photoshoots!

As much as I love, love love doing all of the beautiful nude  in nature photoshoots.  I also feel like I really want to explore clean, crisp studio work.  I’ve also gotten so into set building that I am excited to have a place to get creative and not have to lug stuff out in the woods then break down when it decides to rain out of nowhere.

I have a group of talented beautiful models who will be coming on this journey with Me, so you can  expect to see MORE work from the Revenge Krew as well as new models. 

And also ME!  Lots more of ME!  

One of My biggest issues right now is now having My own space to create so this is really going to give Me the freedom to be more solo shoots AND stream on cam at a more regular schedule.

It’s important to My growth as an artist and as My life and career sort of changes and pivots.  It always involves art and naked bodies, sometimes in just new ways!

I THANK YOU to all My fans, supporters and especially to My subscribers who make doing this work possible!

I  feel truly blessed and lucky that I am in a spot where I get to entertain you, make you think, grow with you and share with you all.

I have made a wishlist for the new studio!  It is all stuff I NEED for reasons and I have listed everything by priority and with comments about what it’ll be used for.  I would VERY MUCH appreciate the support, every little thing helps build the studio up!

Wishlist link here:

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