Bella and Brook Wedding Re-Shoot

If you are in the know, you have seen My last wedding blog, where I shared wedding photos and such, you’d know I ended up getting really rushed on My. wedding day and it didn’t go the way I wanted, check that out here:

Well, My amazing photographer Dizzy Izzy was kind enough to come and do a re-shoot of us in our. wedding garb enjoying each other! That way I had happier moments to look back on. What a peach!

So today, for member’s I am releasing this NEW Wedding Re-Shoot that features real queer joy and a VIP blog with a cute story about how we met and how you can help make our anniversary special this year!

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The anniversary of when we met is Sept 3rd and we have some fun plans (read the VIP blog to learn all about it). Always looking for fans, friends, supporters, kind hearted generous folks as well as submissives trying to get on My good side, and cucks who want to fund lesbian fun: to FUND and SPOIL and SUPPORT US so we can have an awesome anniversary.

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